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Rajagiri Hospital is a venture of the CMI fathers whose forte has been education for the past century. Keeping in line with that vision, the thrust on Academics and training has been one of the strong mandates of the Hospital. Incremental efforts in building up a strong academic atmosphere started with the right faculty, an atmosphere for in house academics, CMEs and workshops, hiring the right support resources and presence of dedicated physical as well as digital spaces.

We have a small but comprehensive library with a scalable library management system. Here faculty and students can access texts and journals both in hard copy as well as on the networked systems. There is also a vast collection of e-Books in common access. The faculty have multiple publications and presentations, which has increased incrementally over the years, in part a testament to the vibrant academic culture.

There are regular academic sessions in the Hospital; a clinical club where Departments take turn in presentations and Interdepartmental teaching programs. There is also a Tumour Board which meets twice weekly for case planning as well as post treatment discussions. This is comprised of Medical / surgical / radiation oncology, pathology and radiology. The Academic support resources include a biostatistician, the IERB (Institutional Ethical Review Board), and library personnel.
Already recognised as an excellent training centre, many National level workshops and CMEs have already been held here. The highly regarded Pulmonology Intensive care workshop and the Stroke Intervention Workshop CLOTS are already in their third edition. Departments of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Anaesthesia, Urology, Oncology have also conducted excellent CMEs , workshops and Quizzes.

Among the formal clinical training programs; we have (a) Institutional fellowships in NeuroInterventions (Interventional Neurology), Arthroscopy (Orthopaedics), (b) National body fellowship in maxillofacial surgery and (c) Courses in Emergency Medicine (MEM/MCEM)

Outreach training and peripheral physician empowerment has been a strong focus of the clinical leadership. This is an ongoing process with regular sessions being held in primary or secondary care centres in the surrounding districts in addition to the programs for primary care physicians on campus. Understanding that digital technology is the way forward in training and academics, multiple initiatives are being developed; 1) an online Library system, 2) a clinical dashboard, 3) an in-house developed LMS (Learning management system), 4) telemedicine presence to facilitate remote training and more. This is in addition to enterprise subscription to Clinical Key as well as numerous journals.





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