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Critical care medicine

Our critical care team works seamlessly with the Emergency and Cardiac Services departments to deliver time-sensitive assessments, diagnoses, and treatment needed to help those who are in critical condition. They work closely with cardiologists, anesthesiologists, surgeons and other specialists in the hospital to help bring each patient the specific care needed for their condition. Rajagiri hospital has a set of highly skilled staff and specialized equipment specially designed to provide patients with comprehensive medical care.

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We also have specialized units which include:

  • NICU (Neurological Intensive Care Unit) is for patients with head injuries or neurological disorders.
  • CCU (Coronary Care Unit) is for patients who have experienced a heart attack or have been admitted to the hospital with chest pain or heart disease.
  • STICU (Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit) is for patients needing specialized surgery or who have experienced major trauma.
  • MICU (Intensive Care Unit) is for patients with serious medical problems

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