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First Aid Awareness Camp and Kit Distribution
Rajagiri Hospital Celebrated Independence Day 2016. Part -1
Rajagiri Hospital Celebrated Independence Day 2016. Part -2
Testimonial of Ahmed Mohammed H Al Sheri from Saudi Arabia
World Heart Day 2017 - Dr Ramdas Nayak
World Heart Day 2017 - Dr Shiv K Nair
World Heart Day 2017 - Dr Suresh Davis
Diabetes day 2017 - Dr. Zacharia P.S
World Diabetes Day 2017 - Dr. James Antony
Obesity and Bariatric Surgery - Rajagiri Hospital
Difference between Bariatric Surgery & Liposuction
Urinal problems in children's.
Brain tumor
Sahasrahrudayam - Patient testimonial.
Testimonial : knee replacement surgery
Misconceptions and myths about cancer
Testimonial of Fawzi Bashir
Lifestyle diseases | Dr Sunny P Orathel
Back pain | Dr Ameer S Theruvath
Cancer Awareness talk by Dr Sanju Cyriac
Testimonial of Mr Yaqoob from Yemen
Dr. Bipin Jose
Rajagiri Anthem
World Heart Day celebration highlights
Knee Pain
Male Breast Reduction
Cardiac arrest and brain hemorrhage first aid



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