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organ transplant services

Organ Transplant Services

An organ transplant involves replacing a patient’s diseased, damaged or failing organ with a healthy one. The healthy organ may be procured from a living donor, or from a brain dead donor, or from a non breathing heart donor – although this happens very rarely.It has been estimated that 200,000 people in India are annually diagnosed with organ failure needing transplantation as part of life saving measure. A majority of these patients are young where their only hope to a life is by the opportunity of having a transplant of their organ in failure.

Rajagiri Hospital has one of the latest and most comprehensive organ transplant programs in Kerala. The institute offers a host of state-of-the-art services which include transplants of kidney, heart, intestinal and GI transplants, and transplant services. The hospital provides excellent medical care and facilities for pre and post-transplant management. Our heart transplant program is backed by state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge medical interventions. Our doctor’s experience and expertise, integrated team approach, superior outcomes and the excellent infrastructure make Rajagiri Hospital an ideal choice for transplants.

Why choose Rajagiri Hospital for Organ Transplantation?

  • The medical practitioners at Rajagiri Hospital follow evidence based and patient-centric practices.
  • Dedicated helplines and unit managers to take care of your treatment needs and requirements.
  • Precise and safe surgical practices with fully automated systems to minimize errors.
  • Dedicated and trained nursing staff for your pre-operative and post-operative care
  • Dedicated State-of-the-Art Intensive Care Units 

Liver Transplant

Liver is the largest organ and is extremely critical for the proper functioning of the body. The diseases related to Liver can be treated with the aid of medications, but when other treatment options have failed, liver transplantation is performed by the doctors as the last option. Cirrhosis is one among the most serious ailment that affects the liver. It leads to the malfunctioning of liver as the scar tissues replace healthy liver tissues. Apart from Cirrhosis, there are many other diseases that affects the functioning of liver such as primary liver cancers, viral and acute hepatitis, acute hepatic necrosis, autoimmune hepatitis etc. Liver transplantation is a medical procedure whereby the damaged liver is replaced with a healthy liver obtained from the deceased donor(Cadaveric) or from an immediate family member who donates a part of the liver.

Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is a surgery done to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney from a donor. The kidney may come from a deceased organ donor or from a living donor. Family members or others who are a good match may be able to donate one of their kidneys. This type of transplant is called a living transplant. People who donate a kidney can live healthy lives with one healthy kidney. A person getting a transplant most often gets just 1 kidney. In rare situations, he or she may get 2 kidneys from a deceased donor. The diseased kidneys are usually left in place. The transplanted kidney is placed in the lower abdomen on the front side of the body.

Heart Transplant

A heart transplant is a surgical procedure performed to remove the diseased heart from a patient and replace it with a healthy one from an organ donor. In order to remove the heart from the donor, two or more doctors must declare the donor brain-dead. Before a person can be put on a waiting list for a heart transplant, a doctor makes the determination that this is the best treatment option available for the person's heart failure.

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