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          “Blindness separates us from things;
          "Deafness separates us from people”...Hellen Keller

The Department of Audiology is committed to providing patient-centered care to promote healthy hearing, communication competency and quality of life for persons of all ages through prevention, identification, assessment and rehabilitation of hearing, auditory function, balance and other related systems. We facilitate prevention through the fitting of hearing protective devices, education programs for industry and the public, and hearing screening / conservation programs. The delivery of audiology rehabilitation services includes not only the selecting, fitting and dispensing of hearing aids and other hearing assistive devices, but also the assessment and follow-up services for persons with cochlear implants.

We are dedicated to "help hearing impaired hear the sounds they love and reconnect with their world".

The Nutrition And Dietetics centre's services are available for all inpatients and outpatients during their treatment, giving personalized attention to our patients and families when it comes to their diet and well-being. Our Dieticians have the professional knowledge and experience to evaluate nutritional needs and to recommend appropriate nutritional treatment for referred patients. They will evaluate and monitor dietetics intervention to help ensure a positive effect on patients nutritional status, aid the recovery process, control symptoms and improve well-being.

Clinical Pharmacology is the scientific discipline that involves all aspects of the relationship between drugs and humans. WHO endorses that the quality and outcome of drug therapy in patient care can be greatly improved by using cost-effective and evidence-based treatment with drugs adapted to the needs of patient populations and individual patients. The department of Clinical Pharmacology, at Rajagiri hospital, plays a pivotal role in warranting cost-effective, evidence-based drug use and patient safety. The purpose of the department revolves around ensuring safe medication practices, detection of medication errors and interventions to help every patient get the right medication in the right dose and in the right frequency. The Clinical Pharmacologist works to optimize the use of medicines to promote health, wellness and disease prevention. The department focuses on providing doctors with evidence-based updates regarding new drugs, new regimens, and drug safety practices. Training programs are conducted for all healthcare professionals regarding the fundamentals of medication error and how to prevent them. The department handles all drug-related queries and educates all the healthcare professionals regarding the identification, reporting, and prevention of adverse drug events. In the untoward event of an adverse drug reaction, the department collaborates with the clinician to document, report and investigate it. The department will also play an active role in the proper and ethical conduct of clinical research ensuring adherence to ICH-GCP guidelines.

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