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Rajagiri Telemedicine Services - Healthcare from the comfort of your home town


Telemedicine is a service which can help a patient/ doctor/ hospital in a remote location to consult with a Super Specialist at Rajagiri Hospital, using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for the purpose of Diagnosis, Treatment, Second Opinion or Follow-up.

Why Rajagiri Telemedicine?

  • High Quality Healthcare from the convenience of your home town
  • Second opinion for your health needs
  • Stay in touch with your Doctor - where ever you are
  • No waiting in queue for a review
  • Reduce travel, food & accommodation costs and save time
  • Easy follow-up with your preferred Doctor to ensure proper care
  • Security - all patient information is encrypted and secured
  • Stay assured and feel confident with virtual support

Rajagiri scores high in Kochi 's
health sector due to the following reasons:

  • JCI and NABH Accredited Hospital
  • Highly qualified and experienced clinical team
  • Multi-Specialty hospital with corporate Ambiance and ample parking space
  • Super Specialty services available at affordable cost
  • Care well supported by the latest Medical Technology and Infrastructure
  • Shorter waiting time for surgeries and procedures

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does telemedicine help me and my family?

Telemedicine is a service which is used by patient and doctors worldwide, to bring quality and affordable Specialist (Doctors) care to areas, which is out of the General reach.

  • Specialist service can be made available at a distance.
  • Follow-up care can be done comfortably from a Telemedicine center close to the patient's residence.
  • Patients are saved from the inconvenience and expenses involved in traveling long distances
  • Considerable effort and inconvenience is avoided.
What exactly happens in a telemedicine Consultation?
  • The patient or relative contacts the nearest Telemedicine center (call +91-484-6655040 or sends a mail to telemedicine@ra jagirihospital.com for details) and requests for a Specialist consul­ tation. The local Telemedicine administrator fixes an appointment with the concerned specialist and informs the patient.
  • Patient details and reports like X-Ray, ECG, Blood investigations,CTScan,Angiogram, ECHO pictures etc. can be sent electronically from the Remote site tothe Specialist at the Rajagiri hospital.
  • After the specialist (doctor) goes through this information, he/she talks to the patient and interacts with the patient remotely, through video conferencing. X-ray images, CT scan, MRI images can all be digitally manipulated by the consultant a t h is en d. Coro n a ry A n giogra ms, Ech o Cardiograms and biopsy slides, can be seen by the Teleconsultants, at his end. After a provisiona l tele diagnosis is made, the opinion of the specialist is communicated to the patient at the remote end Vitruall y. If req u ired a prescri ption is also electronically sent tothe patient. If further reviews arerequired, the above procedure is repeated.
Do I get to meet the same Specialist I met earlier at Rajagiri?

Yes, you will be able to get in touch with the same specialist for your review consultations.

Can the patients receive the same level of the quality of care, as they would receive during personal interaction?

Telemedicine delivers virtually the same quality of care as a personal interaction. As per reviews and surveys, Patient and doctor satisfaction isvery high.

Is consultation through Telemedicine expensive?

No. It will cost far less than the money spent on travel, food and accommodation. It also saves time effort and expense taken to travel to the hospital for consultation.

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