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Nuclear Medicine

The department of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging has been established here at Rajagiri hospital to further our mission of providing the people with equitable, advanced healthcare services of world standard.

Nuclear Medicine is one of the most rapidly developing clinical specialties which uses medically approved drugs that emit radiation (radiopharmaceuticals) for imaging as well as therapy. Our department is equipped to provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic imaging services for both children as well as adults. This will include Gamma camera imaging, PET-CT and SPECT-CT. Being inherently a functional imaging modality, Nuclear Medicine procedures are used for assessing benign conditions such as functional status of different organs like myocardium, kidneys, lungs, etc. and also for the accurate evaluation / staging of various malignancies. Availability of newer and more advanced radiopharmaceuticals now allow imaging even at molecular level.

Besides imaging, the department will also provide therapeutic procedures like Radioiodine therapy, PRRT (peptide receptor radionuclide therapy), SIRT / TARE (selective internal radiation therapy / transarterial radio embolization), PSMA based therapies and bone pain palliation. The department is run by an internationally accredited team of doctors and technologists who will strive to deliver the best services in their endeavor to provide care and cure. 

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