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homedepartmentsDiagonostic and Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology is a fast growing subspecialty of radiology in which minimally invasive image guided vascular procedures are performed in each and every organ system of body from head to toe. These procedures are performed by interventional radiologist in cathlab through a pinhole in the groin using small puncture needle, wires and catheters under C-arm guidance. All the vascular emergencies can be dealt by interventional radiologist and also it is playing an important supporting role to other specialities. Apart from vascular problems, non-vascular procedures like percutaneous liver, renal and lung tumour ablation, biopsy, PTBD and stenting also performed. The advantage of Interventional Radiology is, minimizes the physical trauma to the patient by avoiding major surgical incision, lesser hospital stay, faster recovery time and lesser chances of infection.The procedures can be performed in critically ill patient who are not otherwise fit for major surgical procedures.


  • It is cheaper than traditional surgery.
  • No surgical scar on skin.
  • Procedure done under local / short anesthesia.
  • It is done as day care or short hospital stay.
  • Patients can resume normal activities within one to two day.
  • It is less risky as compared to surgery.
  • Its safety has been proven over many years in thousands of people.


treatment & procedures
  • General Vascular  Interventional procedures.
  • Neuro Interventional Procedures.
  • Urological / Nephrological Interventional procedures.
  • Pulmonary and Thoracic interventional Procedures.
  • Gynecological Interventional Procedures.
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Radiology services are housed in a 5000 square feet space at Rajagiri Hospital. The equipment and technology here are among the best by industry standards. Across the spectrum of imaging, the facility is digital with IT integration enabling transmission and archival of images and reports. The imaging equipment comprises of 3 Tesla MRI, 128 Slice CT Scanner, High-end Ultrasound scanners, Mammography, digital fluoroscopy and x –ray units housed in the Department. Point of care imaging is also done by portable Ultrasound, x-ray and C-arm Units. The Department undertakes all conventional, sonography and cross-sectional imaging requirements as well as tissue sampling for diagnosis. An Enterprise PACS Solution enables integration, dissemination and archival of all images in the Hospital.


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