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Occupational Therapy

Our department of Occupational Therapy provides the skills for the job of living and addresses the problems that interfere with an individual's ability to engage in the activities or occupations that are important to him or her.These problems may be a result of injury, disease, social disadvantage or the environment.

Occupation refers to the activities and tasks of daily life that have value and meaning to a person.Occupations include:

Self-care: activities completed to take care of one's self; e.g. bathing, grooming, dressing

Leisure: activities undertaken for personal enjoyment; e.g. social activities, hobbies

Productivity: activities relating to paid or unpaid work; e.g. employment, homemaking

Occupational Therapists of Rajagiri Hospital are regulated health-care professionals who are specialists in the analysis, adaptation and therapeutic use of occupation. We work with patients and their families/caregivers to maximize independence. We work with patients to regain and maintain function in daily activities, as well as to prevent dysfunction and promote healthy living.?

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