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Dr. Rajesh Raju George

Dr. Rajesh Raju George

Senior Consultant & HOD - ENT & Head And Neck Surgery


Dr Rajesh Raju George heads ENT department at Rajagiri Hospital. He brings over two decades of care and specialization in ENT. He also undertook specialized training for cochlear implant surgeries and treating voice disorders. Doctor Rajesh has travelled around the globe attending workshops, presenting papers and sharing his expertise in ENT.

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  • Endoscopic-assisted ENT surgeries
  • DCR orbital /Optic nerve decompression
  • Surgical treatment of  Medial orbital tumors
  • Sinus diseases
  • Medial orbital wall reconstructions.
  • Endoscopic skull base surgeries
  • Hearing restoration surgery-Tympanoplasty/Ossiculoplasty /Stapedotomy
  • Cochlear implant Programme
  • Treatment for Voice disorders and improving the quality of voice
  • Sleep apnea

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