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Rajagiri Hospital joined Hands with Lulu Mall in saving lives.
23 Jan 2018

In an attempt to provide first aid to people suffering from cardiac arrest in public places, Rajagiri Hospital joined hands with Lulu Mall and installed an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) at Lulu Mall, Kochi. AED is a small portable device which can deliver an electric shock to a person's heart. This shock can help the heart to return to a normal beating rhythm. The AED is simple device which can be handled by any layman by following simple verbal instruction.

Using an AED immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can increase the chance of survival by more than 90%. AED is installed in the first floor of Lulu Mall, this will bring quick access to AED in case any incident of sudden cardiac arrest in the Mall. A quick intervention by the combination of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and AED can literally bring a person back to life!

Shri Aju Varghese, Cine Artiste dedicated this to the public during an event organized at Lulu Mall which had the presence of Fr Jose Paul CMI - Rajagiri Hospital, Dr Prasanth K V Chief of Emergency Medicine at Rajagiri Hospital and Mr Shereef K, Mall Manager, Lulu.  The team lead by Dr. Prasanth K V, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Rajagiri Hospital, demonstrated CPR and use of AED to the public.




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