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Coin stuck in food pipe taken out without surgery
04 Jun 2018

Doctors at Rajagiri Hospital successfully took out a coin which was stuck in a twelve year old’s oesophagus (food pipe) without intervention of surgery. On a normal course for such patients where a foreign body is stuck in food pipe, they are taken out with bronchoscopy and by administering anesthesia. But Dr W Ahamed Kabeer, Consultant - Paediatric Surgery, avoided surgery and anaesthesia and decided to take out the coin assisted with fluoroscopy. Compared to X-Ray, radiation levels in fluoroscopy are low and every movement of the coin can be easily tracked in fluoroscopy.

Dr Ahamed Kabeer inserted a catheter into the oesophagus and through the child’s nose, he guided the catheter beyond the location of coin within oesophagus so that the tip of the catheter was positioned right below the coin. He then inflated the balloon which was at the tip of the catheter. Slowly he pulled out the inflated balloon and with it, the coin moved along as well. Tracking the movement of coin through fluoroscopy he successfully pulled out the coin from the child's mouth.

Earlier this year Dr Ahamed Kabeer successfully took out a two rupee coin which was stuck in a four year old’s oesophagus (food pipe) using the same procedure.




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