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Successful Liver Transplantation during the pandemic.
24 Jul 2020

Wife comes as saviour, Biju walks a new life after Successful Liver Transplantation during the pandemic

With severe Liver disease and cancer, Angamaly native leaves home after a successful Liver Transplantation surgery at Rajagiri Hospital

A big sigh of relief for Mr Biju & his family who were in dire straits as Biju, a Karukutty native who suffered from Chronic Liver disease and cancer underwent a successful Liver Transplantation  at Rajagiri Hospital. The transplantation  was led by a team  of Doctors, Nurses and Technicians of Rajagiri Hospital and Apollo Hospital Bangalore. Biju and his wife returned home with content after completing the treatment amidst anxiety of this fearsome pandemic situation. When Biju was recommended for Liver Transplantation, he discussed with his family regarding the situation; Biju’s wife readily agreed to donate her part of liver for the surgery, following which work up tests were conducted for Biju’s wife and found that it was matching for transplant.

But the most challenging part of the transplant was the safety of the patient, donor and the team of doctors, nurses and technicians who were part of the surgery during this current pandemic. Nevertheless adhering strict infection control and safety measures at par to the global standards, the medical team decided to move forward with the surgery.

Involving over 40 medical professionals from multiple disciplines, along with Biju and his wife had to undergo strict safety checks and measures before the organ transplantation. On July 7th CoVID tests were conducted on patient, donor and for the entire medical team. They went ahead with the surgery after test results were found negative. After the successful transplantation Biju and his wife were shifted to  post-transplant ICU with isolation facility where they were taken care by specially trained nurses and medical team who stayed with them ensuring that no external contacts were made during the recovery period. The medical team involving professionals from Rajagiri Hospital and Apollo Hospital Bangalore were involved in this complex transplant programme, as the case was unique because of its complexity. 

The transplant team at Rajagiri Hospital was led by the medical team from Gastro Surgery & Liver Transplantation including Dr.Joseph George, Dr. Gasnafar Hussain, Dr John Menachery, Anesthesia team consisting Dr Salini Ramakrishnan, Dr Vivek T Menachery and Dr Jayasankar  of Rajagiri Hospital and Dr Sanjay Govil & Team of  Apollo Bangalore

Biju showed signs of disease in the year 2017 and tests conducted during that time showed low platelet count in his blood. After few months he again underwent tests at a hospital in Angamaly where the doctor found his platelet count was continuously going down, for expert opinion he was referred to Dr Mobin Paul, Clinical Hematology and Hemato Oncology department at Rajagiri Hospital. After showing signs of Chronic Liver disease, Mr. Biju was further referred to the  Gastroenterology team involving  Dr Rosh Varghese and Dr John Menachery. Furthermore diagnostic tests revealed that Biju was suffering from Liver Cancer and Liver Transplant surgery was the only option as per medical team’s diagnosis.




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