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LED bulb removed from lung without surgery.
05 May 2019

LED bulb removed from lung without surgery

Doctors in Rajagiri hospital successfully removed an LED bulb from the lungs of a seven-year-old girl without any surgical procedures. Dr. Ahamed Kabeer, pediatric surgeon at Rajagiri Hospital, Aluva, removed the bulb through the complicated rigid bronchoscopy.The girl from Kannur was brought to the hospital after being examined at a hospital at Kozhikode. Attempt of doctors in the hospital to take the bulb out through bronchoscopy failed.

The sharp edge of the bulb was seen as facing outward in her lung. The shape and location of the bulb made it difficult to remove it through a fiberoptic bronchoscopy. Hence Dr Kabeer decided to do the rigid bronchoscopy.It was challenging task to remove the bulb, while ensuring that the sharp edges do not rupture the lung and cause bleeding.

The thoracic surgery team, led by Dr Shiv K. Nair, was on standby in case of an emergency situation. The doctors successfully removed the bulb through a two-hour-long procedure. Dr Reju Joseph Thomas, head of pediatric surgery, Dr Sachin George, head of Anesthesiology and Dr Irene were part of the team.




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