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17 Jun 2020

For the first time in Kerala, Bicaval Valve Implantation was successfully performed on a patient suffering from heart disease at Rajagiri Hospital, Aluva. The patient, 73 year old male, very active till about two years back, presented with history of severe breathlessness and swelling of body and weight gain of about 30 kilograms, to Emergency Department and was diagnosed to have severe Tricuspid valve regurgitation. This disease causes backward flow of blood leading to congestion of liver and neck vessels.

He was treated medically however he continued to be refractory to treatment and had repeated admission. He was referred to Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery for corrective treatment. During the waiting period patient presented with significant blood loose from Gastrointestinal tract due to liver congestion for which patient underwent clipping of the bleeding esophageal varices. In view of multiple co-morbidities surgery was deferred. Dr Ramdas Nayak along with other team discussed with patient and his relatives about percutaneous bicaval valve implantation, wherein with the help of a catheter, valves are implanted in two major vessels leading to right side of the heart (superior and inferior vena cava) through vein in the thigh, thereby preventing backward flow of blood from the heart.

The procedure took about one hour to complete and the patient got discharged on day 4 with great relief in his symptoms. Rajagiri Cardiac Science Department Head Dr. Ramdas Nayak along with Dr. Jacob George, Dr. Suresh Davis, Dr. Sandeep R, Cardiac Surgeon Dr. George Valooran, Cardiac Anesthesiologist Dr. Mary Smitha, Dr. Dipin were part of the procedure.




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